Asking For It

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[This story was derived from a post I sent to the WK ML. It was an attack on White Cross Fansubs (which I no longer see on anipike). If you would like to read it, go here]

Farfarello sat on the floor, munching on popcorn and watching a rather gory movie. Nearby, Nagi sat, watching the movie with disinterest. Crawford sat at a table, concentrating on what was coming up on the computer screen. Behind him, stood Schuldich, watching him with mild interest. Crawford had hacked into the computer for a major corporation. A place headed by someone they were going to take care of.

"This should be fairly easy," he said.

Schuldich put his arms around Crawford's shoulders and nuzzled his neck. "Oh, you are so brillant, Bradley!"

Crawford shuddered in revulsion. He tried to push the younger man away. "Let go of me!"

"Oh, you're so shy, Bradley. Always playing hard to get." He planted a light kiss on Crawford's neck.

Choking on his disgust, Crawford wrenched Schuldich's arms away and pushed himself out of the chair. The loud clatter of the chair hitting the floor rang hollowly through the room, grabbing the attention of Nagi and Farfarello.

Crawford gritted his teeth and growled, "stop doing things like that!"

Schuldich put his hands behind his head and smiled at Crawford for a moment, before walking off the Nagi. Crawford grabbed the chair and set it upright with a bang. He grumbled to himself as he went back to work. Farfarello went back to watching the movie. Nagi watched as Schuldrich approached. He gave the German a look. "You know he hates it when you do that," he said quietly. "He's not gay."

"Yeah, I know," Schuldich said, grinning. "Neither am I."

"Then, why do you do things like that?"

Schuldich grinned even more. "He's so easily annoyed. That's what makes it so fun teasing him." He looked over at Crawford and chuckled. "I'm trying to see how much it takes till he throws something. Americans are so cute. I just love their accents." Nagi rolled his eyes.

Crawford, though typing on the computer, heard every word of the quiet conversation. With his back to the two younger members, they didn't see the gleam that shimmered across the surface of his glasses.

A few days passed. Crawford sat at the table, writing in an account book. Schuldich, again stood behind him, watching. Nagi sat at another table, tapping away at his laptop. Farfarello sat on the floor cutting designs into his arm with a razor blade.

"Hmmmmmm. Money's getting a little low. Need to come up with something to bring in some more cash." Crawford sat back in his chair and chewed on his pen thoughtfully. An idea came to him. He leaned forward and began writing his idea on a piece of paper.

Schuldich leaned forward and saw what Crawford was writing. "Oh, clever!" Throwing his arm around Crawford's shoulder, he ran a finger slowly along the American's ear. "You're so cute when you're scheming," he murmered into the other ear.

Crawford put both hands down on the table, and pushed himself into a standing position. Schuldich moved back a little, amused. His eyebrows rose in anticipation of what Crawford would do. Nagi stopped typing and suppressed the urge to sigh, knowing that whatever happened next was not going to be pleasant. Farfarello stopped cutting his arm to see if a fight, resulting in blood, would occur.

Crawford took off his glasses and placed them on the table. He slowly turned towards Schuldich and looked him in the eye. His hand shot out, grabbed Schuldich by the back of his head, and brought the younger man to him till their lips met. Schuldich froze, eyes wide open as Crawford continued the intense kiss.

Before Schuldich could even think to react, Crawford withdrew. Crawford ran a finger slowly down Schuldich's face and murmured, "Germans have the cutest accent." He put his glasses back on and headed for the door. Not being able to resist getting in one more jab, Crawford stopped at the door. He turned back and gave Schuldrich a wink. "See you later, Sugar Lips," he said, in German. He had the pleasure of watching the other man blanch. Crawford left the room. As he walked down the hall, a wicked grin spread across his face. "Gotcha," he whispered.

Back in the room, all was still. Nagi and Farfarello, seeing that no violence was going to come, returned to what each had been doing. Schuldich, who was beginning to look a little green, put his hands over his stomach. "I think I'm going to be sick."

"Well," Nagi said, not looking up from his laptop, "you asked for it."

Written by Cind-chan

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